Dr. Leah is the BEST! My dog Kirby Hates being away from me, especially at the vet, but as soon as he sees her all is fine with the world. Last summer she saved his life removing a cancerous tumor with absolutely no ill after effects whatsoever. Yesterday he had to have 3 teeth removed. After the anesthesia wore off he was hungry, spunky & ready to play. She graduated from Davis, literally the best veterinary school in the world, & They were lucky to have Her!!! – Kirby A.

Amazing team and very welcoming energy. Dr. Evans is a great vet, he takes his time examining my dog and is very patient. I am a first-time pet owner and I can truly say that they are very helpful and informative. I have not needed to look beyond this place. I knew this was the best clinic for my dog upon the first visit. – Sim D.

We had a gentle, caring experience with Dr Adams and her assistant as they helped us say goodbye to our nearly 15 year old Labrador, Esther yesterday. The lovely room with candles, a small table fountain and a royal purple blanket on the floor for Esther to lay on made it feel special for this last hour. Dr Adams, her assistant and the gifted front office gal who greeted us with love and empathy will never be forgotten. We are forever grateful for their kindness, talents and class. – Paula G.

I can’t say enough great things about this place. The office staff is so friendly and Dr Bill is so sweet and truly found his calling. I’m blessed to have found this place from the recommendation of a friend. I’m not the best pet owner and waited too long to get my dogs teeth cleaned. Dr. Bill said they were seriously bad and that all teeth would need to be pulled (something I sort of knew already). He never made me feel like a bad “mom”. The day of surgery everything went well and he called to check in a few days later. The price was a little more than a THIRD of another estimate I received elsewhere. The kindness of the staff is so genuine. I don’t know who does the hiring, but bravo! – Christina R.

VERY honest, and transparent about what they’re doing and how much things cost. The Vet genuinely loves animals and loved mine, which made me happy. – Jeannie D.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the care you have given our JuJu over the last rough weeks of her being diagnosed with cancer. Honestly, you and your team were meant to be doing this and making a huge difference in the lives of so many. You all are thoughtful, kind, compassionate and take the time to really think and care about the lives that are before you. So grateful you landed before us. You (Dr Leah) thought hard about your decisions today. I know you did. And I wanted to let you know that JuJu is comfortable tonight. The meds you gave her……… The most comfortable she has been in days (which gives her peace and me peace). I thank you for that. Beyond thank you for that. You know the battle before us. Honestly, I think she is waiting for her daddy (who she loves more than me.. and that is ok, because our last doggy loved me more than him lol. I will see how she is in the AM and get back to you about the ultrasound. But, really, I am beyond grateful for your care. You really are special. I bet you get told that often. Thank you sweet Dr. Leah. And thank you to Dr. Evans….. He was so amazing during such difficult news. I treasure these horrible moments because I learn from them… Even 30 years in, I learn from them how to comfort. I really do. -Laura