Dr. Robert O’Neill, DVM

Dr. Robert O’Neill, DVM

Robert lives his daily motto “lets save a life and make one better”. As a Leonardo admirer, he shaped his direction to dedicate his life to compassionate professional veterinary care, with the continued desire to deliver the best in patient care and critical care interventions.

This quest has been a lifetime endeavor for Robert for he has been in the veterinary profession since he was 16, starting in at his home town’s veterinary hospital first as a volunteer, kennel, technical assistant and then later as registered veterinary technician. But his innate desire to take care of animals came before that, from tutorage of his grandfather and father, for he is a fourth generation Apiarist. A profession his father still devoutly pursues.

Robert grew up in central Florida, but as Robert Frost would say, he traveled the roads less traveled, all in his desire to be the best veterinarian possible he pursued it with experiences throughout the world. With various degrees and certificates throughout the United States and the world.

Educational development started at Polk State College, with concentration on veterinary technical, which achieved him an Associate Arts, from USF BS in Biology, minors in Botany and Clinical Chemistry, and a BA in Fine Arts, MS Hospital Management, and then University of Philippines, College of Veterinary Medicine his DVM. He continued to pursue clinical excellence, through Colleges of Veterinary Medicine at University London, Washington State, University of Melbourne and then through a series of formal/informal rotational internships dealing with emergency medicine, ophthalmology, oncology and surgery.

All in my continued desire to pursue to be a scientist of understanding the complexities of our beloved pets while still being one who also possesses a natural passion for art.